I Wish You Enough

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“I Wish You Enough” is a testament of how everyone can come and contribute in their own ways so that everyone can have enough. We continue a series titled ‘Jars of Treasure’ containing inspirational stories from individuals to continue flaming and spreading the spirit of caring for those do not have enough in different parts of Singapore.

By Teo You Yenn, xxx resident

“I wish you enough” is a profound message. The phrase, crafted by members of South Central Community Family Service Centre (aka “Blk 5”), makes everyone who sees or hears it pause to think.

The wish is for those who do not have enough to have enough, reminding us that there are members of our society who are not able to meet their needs. “I wish you enough, if we say it out loud a few times (try it!), is a timely reminder that the aspiration for everyone to have enough is a perfectly reasonable one. At the same time, in this society of plenty, “I wish you enough” (say it again!) reminds us that enough is enough and excess can be shared.

The event that accompanied this elegant phrase embodied the spirit of sharing. People from the community laboured with love—set up booths, brought food they had prepared, prepared food together, talked to people who came, walked around to offer the delicious and varied fare, entertained people with various performances. It was a powerful demonstration of what it looks like to have enough for all who are present.