I Wish You Enough

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“I Wish You Enough” is a testament of how everyone can come and contribute in their own ways so that everyone can have enough. We continue a series titled ‘Jars of Treasure’ containing inspirational stories from individuals to continue flaming and spreading the spirit of caring for those do not have enough in different parts of Singapore.

Story #3 By Mr Ng, Redhill resident

Mr Ng resides with his family at one of the rental blocks in Redhill area. For many of us who knows Mr Ng, the strengths and assets that he brings to the community takes precedence over him being a mere individual of deficits and social assistance.

Those who know Mr Ng personally will not hesitate to share anecdotes of this big-hearted man, who, despite not having much, gives a lot! His contribution can be seen from the thoughtfulness and sincerity demonstrated towards people. For example, when a neighbour was threatened by loan sharks who splashed paint on their house, Mr Ng overheard the neighbour’s screams and chased the loan sharks away. As a community contributor, Mr Ng and his family would proactively engaged in community events, giving a helping hand to where it is most needed – picking up litters after a Movie screening event in July, and most recently, participating in door knockings as part of community outreach for “I Wish You Enough”, and on the actual day, the family was there to promote and encourage the community to Pay It Forward to the hawker stalls.

Mr Ng is a testament to how an individual, when empowered, can step-up and be a contributing community member of purpose.