International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

25 years ago, The United Nations declared October 17 as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP). This day seeks to recognise the strengths of those who live in need every day, seeing them as agents of change who know the most about the ways to improve their situation, and can take an active role in doing so. It also calls for the collaborative action of the community, garnering people from all walks of life to contribute to efforts to end poverty. In conjunction with IDEP, communities and organisations are encouraged to initiate ways to support the movement towards ending poverty.

SCC’s Involvement

The above infographic describes the key strategies through which SCC strives towards our mission and vision of Poverty Transformation Within Empowered Communities. Our approach resonates strongly with the message of IDEP, tapping on the assets of the community members – including that of members who have needs – and working together to make poverty escapable, especially for the next generation. As such, we conceptualised the I Wish You Enough movement as our way to support IDEP. If neighbours share with neighbours, especially with those who do not have enough, Everyone has Enough.

SCC stands together with many partners in Singapore in support of IDEP, representing a wide community concerned about poverty. Whether it is creating awareness about poverty in our very own city-state, or sharing with our neighbours so that everyone has enough, we all can play a part.

Poverty in Singapore?

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