Jars of Treasure

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“I Wish You Enough” is a testament of how everyone can come and contribute in their own ways so that everyone can have enough. We continue a series titled ‘Jars of Treasure’ containing inspirational stories from individuals to maintain the momentum of this movement and spreading the spirit of caring for those do not have enough in different parts of Singapore.

I Wish You Enough “Jars of Treasure” Story #4

Story #4 By Irene Ng

My family had tied our self-made “I Wish You Enough” towel on our front gate a week before the TV news featured the movement. The morning after the news coverage, we were surprised to find that our neighbour had hung her towel with her own “I Wish You Enough” tag.

By afternoon, my other neighbour sent me a message, asking why I had hung our towel and why the other neighbour had followed suit. After I explained to her about the poverty awareness movement, she hung hers too and also donated to the “pay it forward” movement.

I am heartened that our little gesture of hanging the towel triggered our neighbours to action as well. At least in our little corner of our HDB block, cleaners, flyers distributors and guests to our homes were greeted with the message “I Wish You Enough” in the month of October.