Jars of Treasure

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“I Wish You Enough” is a testament of how everyone can come and contribute in their own ways so that everyone can have enough. We continue a series titled ‘Jars of Treasure’ containing inspirational stories from individuals to maintain the momentum of this movement and spreading the spirit of caring for those do not have enough in different parts of Singapore.

I Wish You Enough “Jars of Treasure”

Story #7 By Cost and Choices, Farhana

Wet markets, NTUC, Giant, Cold Storage….the same type of food carries varying degree of cost in different localities and supermarkets.

Cost and choices are a luxury for many people, in particularly those experiencing hard times. Yet, very often, we have heard of inspiring stories of the poor possessing strengths and giving to others despite having limited resources themselves.

“I understand how it feels like to have nothing and to not have anyone helping during bad times.”

– Farhana –

This is what motivates Farhana to extend a helping hand to one of her neighbours, a single mum with three boys. The single mum was unemployed and not receiving any financial assistance. Farhana extended her help to the single mum by bringing her to NTUC supermarket to purchase groceries which lasted them for a month. Despite having little herself, Farhana, extended empathy to another family and was grateful that her husband, Rhemy and herself was able to help.

Farhana’s family will soon be moving to a new neighbourhood. Their hope is to continue doing what they had been doing for this community to the new neighbourhood in future.

With Farhana’s narrative, we concluded the “Jars of Treasure” series. Each of us has a “Jar of Treasure” within us. We can either choose to close the jar, or fill it with more treasure or to pour out this jar of treasure for others.

In this journey, we have unearthed treasures of wisdom from individuals who chose the latter. Their collective wisdom has taught us that We CAN:
• Choose to view a person as an individual with strengths/assets than a person on social assistance;
• Foster kampung spirit by sharing common experiences together;
• Demonstrate daily acts of kindness to help and share with others. No matter how small the act is, it can trigger an action and collectively make a change. It is the small act that keeps the spirit alive.

As we approach 2018, let’s share our Jars of treasure with each other, especially those who do not have enough, so that everyone can have enough.

I Wish You Enough