Story 6

I Wish You Enough “Jars of Treasure”

Story #6 By Alexandra

“I Wish You Enough” was a very memorable experience for me. Not only was it my first time helping out in such a large scale event, trying new things such as cutting Tau Kwa – a surprisingly difficult task. I also got to see how, despite popular belief, the kampung spirit is still going as strong as it was in the past.

People of all races and ages were chipping in to help out in every aspect. I saw some children as young as four or five standing by their mothers, eager to play a part, no matter how small.

Strangers were working together, interacting with each other. It was especially heartwarming when an aunty I didn’t even know came over to help me with the Tau Kwa, seeing as I was struggling.

It was so uplifting to see the selflessness and graciousness exhibited. This event certainly brought the community closer together. But it can’t stop there. We all need to continue to go the extra mile for others, regardless of how unnoticeable it is. After all, the small things are what will keep the kampung spirit alive!

A big thank you to “I Wish You Enough” for such as special day!